I attended UIKonf (iOS developer conference in Berlin) this week. Great conference. I have been at UIKonf in 2014 but this time it was so much better for me because I talked to so many people. It’s not that the people have been more open this time.

It’s more like this time I met many people I knew from Twitter and Slack channels. In addition I have been grown more into the community since 2014.

Something else was different this time. For the first time I started to do sketch notes during the talks. I’m not good with sketch notes yet meaning that I cannot draw. As a result often I had to write words instead of drawing images. Nevertheless doing sketch notes helped me to stay focused and concentrated. And I still remember what was presented in most of the talks.

After each talk I published the sketch note to twitter and shared it with the speaker(s). This way the speaker got feedback about what key points I digested. I used Notablility on my iPad. During the talks I edited the notes if necessary, for example when I first misunderstood the point or when the visual structure could be improved by moving stuff around. But I didn’t change anything after the talk was over.

And here are the notes together with the links to the videos. Have fun!

YOLO Releases Considered Harmful

Cate Huston

Review All The Thinks!

Marciej Piotrowski

High Performance App Architecture

Marcel Weiher

Reactive Programming From Scratch

Thomas Visser

Good Typography, Better Apps

Frank Rausch

Unsophisticated Software Development

Andreas Oetjen

Unfortunately I stopped doing sketch notes during the talk because I didn’t get the key points.

An iOS Developer’s take on React Native

Harry Tormey

Learning From Our Elders

Rob Napier

Re:Programming Language

TJ Usiyan

Implementing Compassion

Gwen Weston

Move fast and keep your code quality

Francisco Diaz

Strong typing from the server to the UI with GraphQL

Martijn Walraven

Code Generation in Swift

Olivier Halligon

Developing Empathy

Sarah E Olson

Anything you can do, I can do better

Brandon Williams & Lisa Luo

Auto Layout - From Trailing to Leading

Mischa Hildebrand

Accessibility - iOS for All

Sommer Panage